There are so many trails in the area to be walked upon. Either you’re looking for a leisure stroll or a more serious hike, there’s a trail for every taste.

Short distance


Around Tostão there are some pleasant little walks, well-marked footpaths. It’s very easy to stumble across one once you leave the village behind, no matter which direction. These lead you up the mounts, from where you can enjoy the wide open view over the lowland, and down the valleys. Water courses, ancient fountains and centenary olive trees animate the scenery. There’s a dam as well, where you can refresh yourself on a warm summer day.DSC_0020


Long distance

DSC_1373There are quite a few hiking trails around Vila Velha de Ródão if you’re feeling adventurous.

The PR1- Rota das Invasões will guide you through 8 km along forest trails, passing by ancient military monuments and the castle of Ródão.

With 11,3 km, the PR3-Voo do Grifo, presents you the Ocreza river and its magnificient quartzitic slopes, and a couple fluvial pools too.

PR4-Caminhos da Pré-História has 6,5 km and starts in a small village, passing old fountains and prehistorical traces.

The PR5 – Caminho da Telhada consists in rural paths and part of an ancestral route, through not always easy 6 km full of stories.

Finally, PR6 – Arqueologia e Geologia Urbanas, with 8 km, starts in the Museum of Archaeology in Vila Velha de Ródão and flows with the Tejo river in sight.

Keep in mind that the best time to walk these long trails is between October and June, or alternatively to be an early bird during Summer.